LHA vision

LHA looks forward to play a key role in developing and empowering a sustainable society based on the real and active participation for the beneficiaries especially vulnerable groups mainly youth and children to contribute to the community mobilization and the sustainable development; thus the LHA vision is developed to be

"National Pioneering and active participation to achieve sustainable development".

LHA Mission

LHA, seeks to develop and empower of its beneficiaries towards a sustainable society based on active participation throughout Capacity Building, Community Mobilization, Child and Youth Empowerment and the Livelihood and Economic Empowerment for the Community Vulnerable Programs.

The association is committed, to achieving its vision and mission, with human rights principles which enhance the role of law, transparency, tolerance justice, equality, non-discrimination and empowering the marginalized groups

LHA Values and Principles

LHA, devotes commitment through its vision, mission and goals to several values and principles:

  • - Professional Human Rights values and principles which include: transparency, initiation and creativity, participation, justice and subjectivity, social responsibility, Neutrality, accuracy, team work, affiliation, integrity, credibility and sincerity.
  • Equality and commitment to the good governance in its practice.
  • Active participation and enabling the marginalized groups through development projects and programs.
  • Continuous improvement of the Human Resources aspects.
  • Ensure efficiency of its deliverables to the targeted groups
  • Focusing on the civic Participation and voluntary work.

LHA strategic goals

  1. Enhance the professional capacity building of the Board of Directors, Staff and volunteers.
  2. Contribute to promoting active roles of different community actors in the process of community mobilization.
  3. 3Contribute to the empowerment of the children and youth’s role into the civic participation and well-being.
  4. Contribute to the improvement of livelihood and economic conditions of the vulnerable groups

LHA`S programs for the period (2017-2018)

  • Capacity Building Program
  • Community Mobilization
  • Child and Youth Empowerment Program
  • Livelihood and Economic Empowerment for Vulnerable Groups Program

Board of Directors

Life and Hope Association managed Board of Directors consisting of 9 members elected directly by LHA's General Assembly in a free election for three years period according its By-laws, the Board of Directors - who are individually and collectively responsible for the acquire and protect the association's assets, make certain the association is working to fulfill its mission.


Life and Hope Association seeks to build bridges of cooperation with local NGOs and international institutions which working in the domain of developments in order to provide quality services to the Palestinian community and achieving the Association goals and to fulfill its mission.

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