Get involved

Life and Hope Association welcomes everyone, regardless of age, nationality, race, religion or gender. Here are some of the ways in which you can get involved with us to serve the Palestinian community.


  • We offer a great opportunity for those people with thoughts and skills to further develop their capacity while contributing to the promoting of Palestinian sustainable community to fulfill LHA's vision, achieving its mission and goals through LHA different programs.
  • LHA main office and LHA Community Center in Northern of Gaza are open to volunteers who wish to assist in preparations and implementing of LHA activities or presenting new idea to contribute enriched our programs and achieving our goals. If you would like to get involved in our activities please contact us.


Get involved with Life and Hope Association as a participant. Participate in its activities and gain a new experience and knowledge. LHA as an NGO your participation in its activities will contribute in developing these activities and promoting the civil work in Palestine.

Institutional or Individual partnership

LHA is working to carried out a new partnership with individual or institutional partners whom interested in the field sustainable development and civic engagement for youth and children. LHA has partnership with a wide range of institutions, including NGOs, civil society groups, student groups and volunteer organizations.


LHA Success Stories