• Contributing to improve psychosocial wellbeing of war-affected children and their families, enhance psychosocial wellbeing of 480 children and 360 mothers in the northern governorate and improve mothers parental skills on early detection of children behavioral and psychosocial changes and on how to deal with their children during emergencies through Enhancing Psychosocial Well-being of Children and their Families Affected by the Last War funded by Save The Children - December 2014
  • To contribute in providing supplemental emergency assistance (Cleaning kits, Hygiene kits, sterilization kits, rechargeable lamp, blankets and mattresses) distributed to 203 vulnerable winter storm 2014 affected families in northern of Gaza, through CPP Emergency Respond in cooperation with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) funded by USAID - December 2014.
  • To contribute creating a safer and healthier KG environment for 30 kindergarten which affected by the July – August 2014 War through rehabilitation, repairs and cash for work activities and providing them with toys "save play areas", games and furniture. And employ 218 laborers and technicians from the most vulnerable households in North Gaza. Via Cash for Work to rehabilitation KGs North Gaza in cooperation with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) funded by CAFOD – September 2014
  • Contribute to provide supplemental food non-food assistance (Hygiene kits, cleaning, kitchen kits, Gas stove, Gas cylinder, blankets, clothes and food kits to 6000 vulnerable war 2014 affected families in northern of Gaza, in cooperation with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), World Vision, Save the Children, Emirates Red Crescent and GIZ – July 2014
  • To contribute enhancing the responsiveness of municipality to their citizens and ensure the participation of civil society in local decision-making process by building citizens skills and institutionalizing their participation and involvement in the community life. Through, mobilizing neighborhood committees to actively engage in social accountability and participation through implementing social accountability tools. In other hand, enhancing the responsiveness of municipality to their citizens through establishing social accountability room inside the municipality and prepare Municipal service provision guide. In other hand supporting the promotion of Social Accountability and its concepts through making the concepts widely spread via radio spots, radio talk show episodes printing and distribution SA manuals and develop and design 3D animation video on Community Score Card. Documentation of actual experiences from the field by distribution periodical newsletter about GIZ-LGP intervention. As well enhancing the responsiveness of municipality to their citizens through support knowledge exchange amongst the different municipalities and CSOs vis prepared SA platform and support the fine-tuning and elaboration of Capacity Building packages targeting both municipalities (Jabalia, EL Maghazi, Rafah, Khan Younis, Bani Suhila and Al Qarara) and CSOs (Bunyan and PCDCR). Through LGP _ GIZ project funded by BMZ– April 2014
  • To contribute in empowering girls and boys to have positive influence on their families and society, through constructively involved them equipped with better understanding of their rights, and tools of expression trough training and implementation community initiatives aim to develop their communities enhancing the responsiveness of services which offer to them through advocacy activities, via Children Participation and Learning project “Ajyal” funded by World Vision – December 2013.
  • To contribute in enhancing the responsiveness of municipality to their citizens and ensure the participation of civil society in local decision-making process. Through, implementing social accountability tools on Jabalia municipality's OSS theme (Community Score Card and Citizen Charter). And on Biet Lahia municipality's SDIP (training SDIP monitoring committees and Public Hearing). via a project funded by BMZ in support by GIZ– March 2013
  • To contribute improving mental, social and physical development of 170 adolescents (12-18 yrs. old) and Youth with Disability (YWD) through engaging them in psycho-social sport-based activities that build their life skills. via Youth in sport project funded by USAID/ Mercy Corps – September 2012.
  • Contribute to provide supplemental food assistance to 100 vulnerable war affected families in northern of Gaza, through the Emergency Response funded by Save the children - January 2012
  • To contribute in empowering fresh graduates by recruit and engage them in the activities of Association provide them with training to rehabilitation for further Jobs market integration. Donte and finance micro enterprises project for youth according specific criteria and the project offer opportunities to learn and training on financial illiteracy. During the project recovery and development livelihood means to the youth funded USAID through Save the Children PCAP - September 2012.
  • To contribute to provide vulnerable and food insecure households (youth; male and females, women and men), in remote areas and locations largely affected by protection issues, with Cash for Work employment opportunities through community livelihood and services schemes in order to increase income and improve households ability to meet basic needs. And increase protection measures, and community preparedness for emergency response. Through, Livelihood Support to Vulnerable and Food Insecure Households in Gaza Strip through Cash for Work Activities’ project .Funded by Federal Republic of Germany Foreign Office (FFO)/ Save the children- July 2012
  • • Contributing to prepare youth to become informed and engaged responsible citizens to make positive impacts on their community. Through, given the youth the opportunity to be constructively involved in the civic participation and reinforce the principles of volunteerism as a part of civic participation. Equipped with better understanding of their rights and tools of expression to assist the community in developing youth volunteers, The project mobilized 50 core volunteers and other 1200 youth volunteers they carried out social initiative antidrug campaign and voluntary activities in Gaza Northern Governorate (beach clean-ups, distribution the gifts to sick children, public park clean-ups and helping farmers in farm their lands). via a project funded by CPP/CRS and USAID – May 2011
  • Contributing to support sport and games as effective and innovative tool to promote holistic child development, physical, and psychosocial health among children and youth, as well as well equal participation of boys and girls.
  • It also provides training to 6 fresh graduates to implement activities with 120 children via Sport ad Play for promote Peace Building project funded by Right to Play International and USAID – June 2011
  • Contributing to improve the health status of marginalized families in the northern Gaza for 300 women and provide them knowledge of the concept of public health through Well-being of Children Workshops on health education and awareness for women in northern Gaza "Our Health Our life", this project funded by World Vision – August 2010


LHA Success Stories